Andy Drew 2 – Stylist

about andy D2

Andy Drew 2 is fashion. He lives, breathes, drinks and sleeps fashion around the clock, 365 days a year, year after year.

When he’s not busy designing his own unique garments, he’s either creating art pieces featuring subjects dressed in his signature couture designs, or perusing through shops in downtown LA or Hollywood looking for new fabrics and materials, or reading fashion magazines, or surfing the web for all things fashion-related, and/or watching television programs and movies about fashion.

Andy is also a highly regarded master of natural hair. He has worked with natural hair for over fifteen years. From locks to twists to straw-set curls, Andy artfully manipulates natural hair into beautiful textures, shapes and styles.

Anyone who knows Andy Drew 2 knows that he is a man intense and passionate about fashion, art and hair. Andy has synthesized his unique style into a seamless web of beautiful hairstyles, fashion, art, accessories, and jewelry. His work escapes category and is a menagerie of traditions, colors, patterns and textures.

Andy works intuitively from a global aesthetic that integrates high fashion and couture. His goal is to connect with people on all levels through visual aesthetics. Andy brings his signature artistic style to his work with natural hair care. He grooms, sculpts, palm rolls and twists natural curly hair into amazing creations. Most importantly, Andy understands natural hair and brings his expertise into caring and styling the hair in a manner that maintains natural hair’s strength, texture and health.

No matter what the subject, Andy’s creativity and passion are evident.

Andy’s Portfolio